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Banded Agate 6mm Round Bead Stretch Gemstone Bracelets

Banded Agate 6mm Round Bead Stretch Gemstone Bracelets

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• Size: About 50-60mm Inner Diameter. Bead Size: 5.8-6.8mm
• Materials: Natural Round Bead Gemstones. Elastic Cord
About this item

This elegant bracelet features natural banded agate gemstone beads that are strung on a strong durable elastic cord for a comfortable fit. Banded agate is a type of agate that has a banded or striped pattern with various colors, such as black, white, gray, or brown. It is known as the stone of stability, strength, and protection. It has a grounding and calming energy that can help you feel more secure, confident, and supported. Each banded agate bead has a round and polished shape and size, creating a classic and graceful look. This gemstone bracelet has an inner diameter of about 2 inch~2-3/8 inch (5~6cm) with around 29~33 round beads per bracelet. The banded agate gemstone beads are about 6mm in size.

Banded Agate Gemstone Benefits:

Wearing this bracelet can offer you the following benefits:

  • Banded agate can help you enhance your stability, strength, and protection, by activating your root and earth star chakras, and anchoring you to the earth. It can also help you cope with stress, anxiety, or fear, by providing you with a sense of security and comfort.
  • Banded agate can support your physical health by strengthening your bones, muscles, and tissues, and boosting your metabolism and digestion. It can also help you heal from any wounds, bruises, or infections that may affect your body.
  • Banded agate can protect you from negative energies, by creating a shield around your aura that absorbs and transmutes any harmful or unwanted influences. It can also help you cleanse and balance your energy field, by removing any blockages or imbalances that may affect your well-being.
  • Banded agate can inspire you to be more loyal, honest, and reliable with yourself and others. It can also enhance your relationships, by helping you communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and foster trust.
  • Banded agate can also help you attract abundance, prosperity, and success into your life by resonating with the energies of the earth. It can also help you manifest your goals by grounding your intentions and aligning them with your highest good.

The Stability Of Banded Agate:

If you are looking for a beautiful and beneficial gemstone gift for yourself or someone you care about, this banded agate bead gemstone bracelet is a perfect choice. It will not only adorn your wrist with its colorful pattern, but also fill your life with its stable and protective energy.


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