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Zebra Jasper 6mm Round Bead Stretch Gemstone Bracelets

Zebra Jasper 6mm Round Bead Stretch Gemstone Bracelets

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• Size: About 50-60mm Inner Diameter. Bead Size: 5.8-6.8mm• Materials: Natural Round Bead Gemstones. Elastic Cord
About this item

This stimulating bracelet features zebra jasper beads that are strung on a strong durable elastic cord for a comfortable fit. Zebra jasper is a type of natural stone that has a black and white striped pattern. It is known as the stone of balance, harmony, and motivation. It has a stimulating and energizing energy that can help you overcome any challenges, achieve your goals, and enjoy life. Each zebra jasper bead has a round and polished shape and size, creating a stylish and sophisticated look. This natural stone bracelet has an inner diameter of about 2 inch~2-3/8 inch (5~6cm) with around 29~33 round beads per bracelet. The zebra jasper beads are about 6mm in size.

Zebra Jasper Benefits:

Wearing this bracelet can offer you the following benefits:

  • Zebra jasper can help you balance your yin and yang energies, by harmonizing your masculine and feminine aspects, and integrating your opposites. It can also help you balance your emotions, thoughts, and actions, and bring more peace and calmness to your life.
  • Zebra jasper can boost your motivation, determination, and endurance, by activating your sacral and solar plexus chakras, and stimulating your creativity and willpower. It can also help you overcome any obstacles, difficulties, or fears, and replace them with optimism, confidence, and courage.
  • Zebra jasper can support your physical health by improving your circulation, metabolism, and immunity. It can also help you heal from any injuries, infections, or inflammations.
  • Zebra jasper can protect you from negative influences, such as stress, anxiety, or depression, by creating a shield of positive energy around you. It can also help you clear any negative or stagnant energy from your aura and chakras.
  • Zebra jasper can inspire you to be more adventurous, spontaneous, and fun-loving with yourself and others. It can also enhance your skills, talents, and abilities, by helping you learn, grow, and explore.
  • Zebra jasper can also help you attract balance, harmony, and motivation into your life by resonating with the energies of the earth. It can also help you manifest your dreams by aligning your intentions with your highest potential.

The Balance Of Zebra Jasper:

If you are looking for a stylish and stimulating natural stone gift for yourself or someone you love, this zebra jasper bracelet is an ideal choice. It will not only adorn your wrist with its striking pattern, but also fill your life with its vibrant and dynamic energy.


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